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into a pure play on the eagle that something the oil fields have been dying for. now swift energy expects these asset sales to take place the first quarter of next year. that's a huge catalyst coming in the not too distant future. running all the way through texas to touch on new mexico and louisiana. if this shale were a country, it would rank as one of the top 15 oil producing nations in the world. let's just hope it doesn't sucede. right now natural gas accounts for 48% of the company's production -- not only will swift become a pure play on eagle for the sale. the strength has just been masked. swift is roughly 65,000 acres in lasalle and molin county. they had 100% success rate, you heard me, 100%, no dry holes. in other words every time they trial, they're hitting oil here. 3% earnings off a 17% basis. stronger than expected revenues. oil buying is increasing 10%. within the eagle swift's initial performance is up by 10%. how many businesses do the cost of goods sold dropped revenues rose. the company has 340 million barrels of oil worth of net resource potential for shale. some of
salle and mcmull lan counties which are located right in the sweet spot of the eagle ford. last year they drilled 100% success. no dry holes. in other words, every time they drill, they're hitting oil here. swiss wells in eagle ford improve on all metrics. they announced three cent off beat, revenue rose 18% year over year. within eagle ford swift rose by over 10% and well costs declined by 10%. how many businesses with the cost of goods sold dropped, revenues rose. company has 340 million barrels of oil equivalent of net resource potential in the eagle ford shale. some of that represents natural gas liquids and they're not so good but it's still worth something. how much? when you factor in all the debt on swift energy's, and i'm going to say this, not so clean balance sheet, they have -- it is speculative friday, they have a $1.6 billion enterprise. when you compare that with swift's eagle ford resource potential you realize this stock is valued at $4.40 per barrel of oil they have in the ground. come o man. i mean, sure oil's down a lot in the last few weeks but give me a break. g
, american eagle, take off and a small private jet take off. we haven't seen any large jumbo jets you would get on the south side of the airport for american, delta and united taking off. and, in fact, all of the -- i have seen take off -- >> we've been having connection -- jane, if you can hear me, every time you look away from the camera is when we can't hear you. try looking our way when we come back to you next time around, as this situation continues to unfold right now. you know, understandably law enforcement officials do not want to give out too much information because there's an active investigation under way. >> the regional fbi director speaking at that press conference, he said, i'm hear to tell you, we don't believe there was any immediate threat. it's contained. it's a lone shooter but nothing else we can tell you at this time. i believe we have jane wells' shot back. we'll send it over to you, if we're able to hear you at this point. >> reporter: okay. i won't move. i'll stay static because of the technology we're using to try to get on live as soon as ssib only a few planes
're investing on the eagle ford acres that could turn it into a producer. the company is devoting 80% of its expenditure budget to the texan shale. they are going to use the money to fund their drilling operations in eagleford which is what we want to see. that's coming in the not too distant future. it's 50 miles wide and 40 miles long running all the way through texas to touch on new mexico and louisiana. if this were a country it was rank as one of the top 15 world producing nations in the world. let's hope it doesn't sussede. that number will sink. not only will swift become a pure play but it's assets are high quality. the strength is masked by the weakness in other areas. it's roughly 65,000 acres in la salle and mcmullin. they had 100% success rate. no dry holes. every time they drill they're hitting holes here and they are improving other metrics too. stronger than expected revenues that rose 18.8%. increasing 10%. within the swisz initial performance is up and the well cost declined by over 10%. how many businesses dropped and revenues rose. plus company has 340 million barrels of o
delta's quarter yesterday while i was watching the eagles/giants. quite exciting to read about delta's, how they raise the price of tickets. much more exciting. >> if you were a giants fan, it was perfectly fun. >> well, the giants' fans. >> i wouldn't take that win to the bank. >> i'm here with two nongiants fans. >> tell me about dale. >> dale had the best quarter in its history. a big buyback. they bought this refiner. there are so many places where good things are happening. this is like the kansas city chiefs having a perfect record. these things aren't supposed to p ha. economists growth hobbled by the shutdown. a lot of the data this week is going to reflect what we went through. the jobs trend, back below 150 on a three-month average. consumer confidence is the lows of the year. >> every executive that you ask that's international, they say,i had chuck bunk from ppj. this guys an all-american ceo. we were going over how are the communist countries to deal with, how are the socialist countries to deal with, how is america to deal with? he obviously, pro-america, thinks america
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5